The $10/Day Facebook™

Ad Strategy to:

Get More Sales

Attract Higher Paying Clients

Generate Steady Leads

Secure Yourself as the Only Authority in Your Niche!

Facebook Ads are Not What They Used to be…

The Facebook™ algorithm has changed a lot! Years ago, people started realizing how powerful a tool Facebook™ Ads could be, and it caused the platform to become more competitive and expensive.

Truth is… Facebook™ isn’t giving the grace it once had. You used to be able to throw something up, pray, and it would pay off.

Now —> You need a strategy.

ENTER the Client Attraction Code©!

The code is CRACKED!

The Client Attraction Code©️ is the EXACT Facebook™ Ads Method That I use to Dramatically Increase Sales (Without Spending a Fortune on Ad Spend!)

  1. BUILD the RIGHT audiences

The perfect plan for building the perfect audiences. Getting ads to work all starts with who you target.

  1. CREATE Your Client Attraction Campaigns

We walk you step-by-step through setting up your video magnet campaigns and invisible funnels

  1. OPTIMIZE for Best Results

Once the campaigns are set up and running, it's time to optimize, so more and more leads roll in on autopilot!

Since you run ads for yourself and/or others, you know it's REALLY important to have a steady flow of leads.

And you ALSO know you HAVE to get those leads

for as low a cost as you can...especially right now.

Plus, with what we've all been through over the last few years,

people are slower to make buying decisions.

SO, staying visible for cheap is a MUST for building that

know, like and trust factor that gets people to say YES (especially for coaches and service providers).

Running a single conversion ad to a cold audience

typically won't cut it anymore if your offer is more than $100.

But when it comes to using an actual STRATEGY to be super visible, you're stuck.

You understand the importance of dominating newsfeeds - but there's a problem...

You think it has to be

super expensive

You know that if you have lots of ads going at the same time, it can cost a lot if not done right, and in the end, it might not be profitable.

You don't have a clear plan

You have no idea what kind of ads to run, how many, or how to set up the targeting and exclusions to get everything to work.

You think you'll

wear people out

You think that staying visible inevitably means you're annoying people with the same ads, or you'll have to do CONSTANT maintenance to keep the ads fresh.

BUT, you really don't have to worry.

My name is Rosie, a mom of 3 from TX. I'm an ads manager strategist, who's in the trenches every day, getting the BEST results I can for my clients. I've helped clients have consistent 6-figure course launches, multiply their email lists, blow up a podcast, and bring in steady leads every single day.

I also use the Client Attraction Code© to get my

own clients, and I know what it's like to need

a strategy that works and won't cost a fortune.

The Client Attraction Code© is it!


Easy-to-understand video lessons

4 modules with over-the-shoulder walkthroughs of

how to set everything up for this strategy. We don't just describe what to do. We SHOW you!

Audience Research Workbook

Attracting the right people starts with having the right audience.

This detailed workbook will make sure you know

EXACTLY who you're talking to.

Campaign Set-up Workbook

As we walk through setting up this type of campaign, this workbook will ensure you don't lose track of what goes where, to eliminate confusion.

A Lookbook FULL of

Successful Ad Examples

Not sure if your ads are the kind that'll make sales? Go through this visual guide of a lot of Jody Milward's MOST successful campaigns

to model what works!

PLUS 6 Amazing Bonuses for More Support!


Canva for Creatives

Even if you think, "I already know how to use Canva," there just might be some new tips and tricks in this video training that'll make your life a lot easier.


Ad Insurance Policy

A video training and PDF to make sure you keep access to your accounts, in case they ever accidentally get shut down.


Avoiding Disapprovals and Shutdowns

Speaking of shutdowns... this video training and guide will make sure you do everything possible to avoid it in the first place.


Video Script Template

Struggle with what to say in those videos that everyone says you have to make? This guide is a template for EXACTLY what to say, so you'll actually look forward

to making videos!


iOS Training

The dreaded summer of '21 threw us all for a loop with ad tracking. BUT, we've figured out how to make the best of the situation. This video and guide walk you through it.


Lights, Camera, Action

Do you have the setup to be camera-ready? These are some tips and tricks to give your videos a lift, so they'll convert better.


Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Fitness, MedSpas...




Building a relationship with your audience and making sales

without spending a fortune is easier than you think!

Let me help you set up an automated system.


A strategy that automatically sends people from one ad to another to another at certain intervals.

Now, maybe you're thinking...

But what if...

I'm not very tech-saavy?

Don't worry. We walk you through each and every step with clear videos. You can pause, do the step, and start at your own pace. Plus, we provide PLENTY of extra resources

in case you get stuck.

Yes, but what if...

I'm not comfortable on video?

The only way to get more comfortable is to do it. But, if you need help with what to say or what equipment works best, we've got you covered.

Okay, but what if...

I've never run any

Facebook™ ads before?

I'm not gonna lie. If you've never run ads before and are brand new to the world of Facebook™ ads, this strategy won't make sense to you. I'd recommend you first go through the ADvisory ads course, which teaches all about the basics of running ads.

Why you can TRUST this strategy

It's taught by the great Jody Milward, a legend in the Facebook™ ads world!

After turning over $4m+ in revenue from her private investigator business, Jody stumbled into the world of Facebook™ advertising in 2014. Within 2 years, she helped a client to generate $1m in their first 9 months of selling an online program.

Jody's worked as a Facebook™ ad freelancer, an in-house Ad Strategist Agency Owner, Ad Manager, Ad Recruiter and Consultant. She's worked with national restaurant chains and Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencers, and has profitably managed multiple 7 figures in ad spend.

Jody has been training and mentoring Facebook™ Ad Managers for a number of years and most recently with her Elite Ad Manager Certification to provide this niche with skilled and ethical Ad Managers.



  • Are looking to get more clients FAST or be a digital unicorn for your own or your clients' accounts
  • Have some experience with Facebook™ ads
  • Need to stretch each dollar of ad spend
  • Are ready to spend less time babysitting and refreshing your ads and want a more automated system

The Client Attraction Code© is 100% risk free.

If you feel like you don’t get 10x the value from the training, you email me any time within 24 hours of purchase, and I will happily give you a full refund.

Total Value: $483

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